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Addressing Common COVID Myths

By Jan 18, 2021 No Comments

Covid MythsAs South Africa endures the second wave of the COVID-19 virus, now is a great time to get your facts straight regarding your safety and the situation at hand. Here is a list of some of the common COVID myths, along with the true and accurate information that you need to know.

COVID is nothing but a scam

This is completely and utterly FALSE. COVID is very real and, as we have seen over the course of the last year, is wreaking havoc on people’s health and livelihoods. At the time of writing this, well over 90 million people across the globe had been infected by the virus, with 64 million recoveries and 1.9 million deaths.

In order to protect ourselves and others, we need to take the proper precautions and accept that COVID is very much a reality. Wash your hands, wear your mask (yes – even when visiting friends and family!), sanitise, avoid touching your face, and stay home as much as possible.

The World Health Organisation was created by rich people to control global health policy

This is FALSE. The WHO is a reliable source of information and a reliable authority. It was created by the member states that make up the United Nations and is spearheaded by scientists and public health experts.

The COVID-19 virus was created on purpose in a Chinese laboratory

There is no evidence to support this claim. Rather, scientists are quite sure that it was not deliberately created. All research points to the existence of the virus in animals, which then adapted itself over time to infect the human population.

COVID is the same as the ‘flu with a very low fatality rate

Many people aren’t worried about getting the virus because they think it will be relatively easy to recover from. But that isn’t the issue.

Yes, chances are that young, healthy students like ourselves probably won’t be hit with symptoms that could prove deadly. However, we have the potential to spread the virus to those who can be severely affected by it, such as the elderly and individuals with underlying health conditions, resulting in a lot more deaths than the ‘flu has ever or could ever cause.

Plus, if you do become infected by COVID, a full recovery can take time. Heart muscles can be affected by the virus and there have been incidences of people and college athletes rushing back to physical training, putting strain on the muscles around the heart – this can lead to myocarditis which is an inflammation of the heart muscle.

Wearing a mask regularly can have a negative effect on the lungs

Not true. Even those with severe lung diseases and infections can still safely wear face masks. This fact is backed up by plenty of research.

Believing Common COVID myths puts you at risk

Stay safe. Stay informed! Stay COVID wise.

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