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Adapting to COVID in your part-time job environment    

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adapting to COVIDMany restaurants and coffee shops across the country are open for business now that Coronavirus lockdown restrictions have been eased. That’s great news for you if you have a part-time waitering job and have been missing the extra cash! The opening up of the hospitality industry does, however, come with many concerns, and adapting to COVID regulations is going to be a challenge for both you and your customers.

Visible sanitisation is the new normal

Wearing a mask and gloves, sanitising counters and tables multiple times for each customer, social distancing between tables, and standing well back to take orders. These are all things that will likely become a normal part of the hospitality industry, not just during the COVID pandemic, but in the future too. It can be stressful trying to remember all the regulations, but you will adapt. Sanitisation is vital for your and your customer’s safety. The more visible your sanitisation is, the more peace of mind you give your customers.

You can still smile behind your mask

Warm, welcoming interaction is one of the main reasons that people enjoy going out to eat, but when you’re covering your smile with a mask it can feel difficult to provide friendly service. Remember though, that when you smile it shows in your eyes. And a smile can even be heard in your voice. So carry on smiling, even if your customers can’t see it.

Have a plan to deal with frustrated customers

Everyone is frustrated, confused and overwhelmed by how much the world has changed due to Coronavirus. One of the challenges of working during COVID, especially in the service industry, is dealing with customers who are feeling the same emotions you are. These may range from annoyance to fear. Be proactive and speak with your manager about solutions for difficult situations.

Remember, the regulations are there to protect

It helps to remember that all of the new rules are not arbitrary, they are in place to protect you and your customers. When you are diligent in following sanitisation procedures, it makes your customers feel safe, and that’s what’s most important.

When you first started your waitering job, it’s likely you felt a little overwhelmed until you learned the ropes. Adapting to Covid regulations is exactly the same – it’s a learning experience, and you will eventually feel comfortable.

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