A Guide to Getting Around Joburg

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public transportWhether you’re shooting from your digz to campus for an early morning lecture, or from varsity to your part-time job, walking from point A to B getting around Joburg will not always be practical (nor safe!). So, what are the options available to you?

Getting around Joburg

Aside from hitching a lift with your friends, you have three primary options, namely using public transport, hailing an Uber or other taxi service, or investing in a car of your own.

Using public transport

PROS: Public transport is definitely your cheapest option when it comes to getting around Johannesburg. There are countless taxis driving around no matter where you are, so hailing one shouldn’t be too difficult. Along with taxis, you can also choose to use the GauTrain, buses, and the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transport System.
CONS: Public transport in South Africa isn’t always safe. Taxi ranks have high rates of crime and taxis are known for their reckless driving behaviour. Plus, there is a much higher chance of coming into contact with COVID-19 in a confined, crowded space like a taxi.

Using Uber

PROS: Uber prioritises your time and comfort. You just download an app and request a ride whenever you need to get around Joburg. For the most part, Ubers are significantly safer to use than public transport.
CONS: Regularly using Uber to get around means extraordinary costs. It is really only an option for the occasional lift unless you have a bottomless budget working in your favour or you are sharing with Digz mates! Uber riders also need to be very careful about catching an Uber near a taxi rank as there has been some conflict between Uber and taxi drivers in recent times.

Investing in your own car

PROS: Having your own ride is nothing short of awesome! You can hop in and drive at a moment’s notice, start a lift club to help cover costs, and revel in your newfound independence.
CONS: While you will have a choice between a new and a second-hand car, there is no escaping the fact that buying a vehicle is an expensive exercise. You also have to keep in mind other expenses aside from the initial purchase price, such as petrol, insurance,  general maintenance, and repairs.

The transport option that is right for you will depend on your personal circumstances and budget. We wish you many safe journeys across Jozi regardless of the one that you settle on.

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