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A Clean (Virtual) Break

By May 3, 2016 No Comments

Breaking up isn’t as easy as it used to be. These days, bumping into your ex at the local cafe is the least of your worries. Far worse is being forced to endure a constant stream of news about how happy/sad they are through your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media feed you happen to be subscribed to. Truly moving on requires some strategic action.

Unfriend and unfollow them

Do this as soon as you can bring yourself to, and it will reduce the temptation to cyberstalk them. Torturing yourself with images of your ex with their new love/out partying is only going to slow down the healing (and yes, the grieving) process you need to go through.

Be respectful

Just because you went through a bad break-up doesn’t give you the right to run your ex down in public. Moaning to your friends about them is one thing, but publicly posting nasty comments is another, especially as you have no idea where they might end up. Also, bear in mind that projecting a dignified image/silence is going to make you look like the bigger person.

Take your life back

Rather than hiding under your duvet and secretly tracking your ex’s every move, get out there and create some new, healthy routines for yourself. Stay away from social media and rather spend that time doing something constructive. Catch up with friends who make you feel good, find a form of exercise you love or take up a new hobby.

Coming soon: Take a Break

Last year, Facebook announced a new option called “Take a Break”. Currently being tested in the US, it shouldn’t be long before it hits South Africa. When it does, as soon as you change your relationship status, Facebook will give you the option to break some of those ties online too. Without notifying them, you’ll be able to choose to hide your updates from your ex and not to see theirs in your newsfeed, amongst other things. As a bonus, if you do end up getting together again or at least returning to speaking terms, you can undo your choices there.

In the meantime, be brave, make a clean break and move on to your new and exciting life! After all, being happy is the best revenge you can ever have.

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