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You Got This! Tips for Finding a Work/Study Balance

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Getting a part time job is one of the smartest things that you can do as a student. Not only will it allow you to make some extra bucks and feel a little bit more independent, but it will also provide you with some valuable work experience that is sure to look amazing on your CV! However, just because working while studying brings with it plenty of positives, it definitely doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy! Here are 4 helpful tips for finding and maintaining a balance.

Create a Plan of Action

Time management is extremely important here. You need to force yourself to sit down and determine the hours that you will need to dedicate to both your part time job and your studies each week. For instance, if you will be working a total of 20 hours throughout the week, find out exactly when you will have free time and create a schedule for yourself – and stick to it! Remember, be sure to include at least a 20 minute break for every hour of study time set aside.


Do you really need to take on that extra shift? Or is it more important that you get a head-start on that assignment due for Monday? Learn how to prioritise and don’t put earning some extra dough for the weekend jol over preparing for an important test, exam or lecture – no matter how tempting it may be! Your studies should always come first.

Say ‘No’ to Procrastination

If you’re someone who plans on playing a 10 minute game of Fifa and winds up sitting in front of the Playstation until the early hours of the morning, now’s the time to make a change! If you are to cope with working and studying all at once, you need to treat every spare minute that you have as precious. While we’re definitely not suggesting all work and no play, it is important to learn how to enjoy your pastimes in moderation and avoid using them to procrastinate.

Remember Why You’re Doing it

There will be days when you find yourself wondering why you’re pushing yourself to this extent. That’s normal. Just keep reminding yourself that there is, in fact, a method to your madness. The harder you work now, the easier it will be to kick-start your much-anticipated career once you leave varsity. So keep going – you can do it!

Do you have any helpful tips for finding a work/study balance that you’d like to share with your fellow students? Tell us in the comments section below.

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