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7 Ridiculously fun tips to gaining a summer body (fast)

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It is that time of the year when peeps get ready for “Pens-Down Gigs” and “Year-End Parties”. You know, the season when sisters linger around the pool in swimwear and brothers showcase those Johnny Bravo abs while sipping on cocktails. Yes, it’s summer body time…

Whether it is for cruising the mall, going on holiday or rocking a party; summertime means stripping off the many layers of clothing and showcasing your physique. It is the ultimate selfie season. If you are looking for the fun tips to gain a summer body in to time at all, this is the list for you.

1. Capoeira

Capo-what? Capoeira. This is not just your typical dance or aerobics moves, but a Brazilian art form that integrates music, martial arts, acrobatics and super dance moves. It is the ultimate fun workout.

2. Indoor Rock Climbing

Instead of monotonously meeting up at the coffee shop or movies, rather meet your date (or mates) for an indoor rock climbing session. The change in scenery and bird’s eye views make for an unforgettable outing.

3. AntiGravity Yoga

This is where we have to put in a disclaimer that says “do at your own risk”. If you want to elevate your typical yoga (pun intended), then AntiGravity Yoga is a must. It’s a unique workout that integrates aerial moves and stunts.

4. Pole Dancing

Often associated with “striptease” workouts, pole dancing involves squats, pole tricks and sensual moves that can strengthen your whole body, especially your abs, legs and arms. It’s like the entire package of sexy exercises that tone your body.

5. Hula Hoops

Go old school and bring back some childhood playful memories with the hula hoop. By the way, did you know that hula hooping can burn up to 600 calories in a single hour? Enough said.

6. Swimming

Instead of just sitting next to the pool with your feet dipped in; do that, snap the perfect selfie and then jump in and swim. This is an awesome cardiovascular exercise that will also cool you off all at once.

7. Twerking

Apart from possibly also acquiring fame like the controversial teen superstar Miley Cyrus, you can strut your stuff with confidence knowing that you have just activated your hips, abs, thigh muscles, arms, booty and so much more.

In the end, what’s clear is that you don’t have to be a gym rat, eat like a rabbit or starve yourself with harmful crash diets in order to look fine this summer. There are many cool ways to lose weight in any cool location and/or tone your body.

Above all, love yourself, enjoy your body shape and confidence will add a sparkle to your physique.

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