7 Jobs you won’t believe will be replaced by artificial intelligence – robots

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We are living in exciting times where technology and artificial intelligence never stops to amaze. While there are perks for new inventions, the cons are that these new inventions could drastically threaten job security in various sectors. Robots are created to help speed things up and work efficiently, if not better than human beings in some cases.

Unlike people, robots don’t have bad days, emotional outbursts, take time off to go on vacation, complain about working on public holidays or get tired and slack by the end of the day. It is perhaps no wonder that business owners (and inventors) are ploughing money into the invention of robots to take over and/or assist their human colleagues.

Here are seven jobs that will be replaced by robots most likely within the next decade (that we bet you did not see coming).

1. Construction workers (such as builders and bricklayers)

There’s no other way of saying it: Manual labour jobs such as construction workers, bricklayers, crane operators and bulldozer drivers are under immense threat by Artificial Intelligence (AI) workers and/or robotic workers. In some instances, it has been reported that a robotic bricklayer can do the work of up to four people in a day.

2. Cashiers

This has already started and we can expect a trip to the supermarket to be without human cashiers within our lifetime. Scholars also forecast the diminish of not just shopping mall cashiers, but even bank tellers/cashiers.

3. Manufacturing jobs

Throughout the world, manufacturing jobs are being replaced by robots. This is already happening and analysts forecast that things will only get gloomier for the human manufacturing workforce in the near and distant future as robots continue to “take over”.

4. Waiters and waitresses

You can already see how in some restaurants there are conveyor belts rotating drinks and dishes; as opposed to having a waiter go around, take the orders and return with the order. In future, AI is expected to infiltrate this industry.

5. Movie stars and celebrities

CGI techniques – such as was used in “Rogue One: a Star Wars Story” –  are said to redefine movie casting and acting as we know it. For example, they can even allow for actors who have passed away to “show up” and be part of the cast.

6. Journalists

Even back in 2014, the Associated Press introduced AI software to write reports. It is forecasted that in future, content sites could fully operate (and flourish) without human writers.

7. Farmers

Artificially intelligent robots are being groomed – and in some cases have already started – farming. They are capable of milking cows to even pulling out weeds from cabbage patches, picking fruit off trees and picking up lettuce from the ground.

Job automation is a threat and could affect work as we know it. It is therefore critical to apply yourself, learn as many skills as you can and always attempt to be a value adder. Gone are the days of getting by with minimum output and expecting maximum income. Unless you learn to apply yourself and are multi-skilled, you may soon find yourself replaced by a robot.

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