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60s fashion trends set to Make a Big Comeback This Year

By Apr 5, 2018 No Comments

Keen to keep your threads on-fleek this year and in line with 2018 fashion fads? If so, it’s time to embrace a few of the vintage trends from the swanky 60s! Here are a few of the top 60s fashion trends to be on the look-out for.Classic 60s Booties

Think ankle length, block-heeled, open-toe booties. If the runways are anything to go by, these fashion favourites from the 60s are back with a bang. The block-heel design makes them more comfortable to walk in, meaning that you’ll probably be able to sport these babies all around campus this winter without having to worry about blisters.

Maybe pair them with some vibrant tights (or risk losing a toe to frost-bite!) for a splash of colour?


Bell bottom pants lasted well beyond the 60s but haven’t been considered ‘in fashion’ for at least 20 years. Those who are looking for a strategic way in which to lengthen their legs will be glad to discover that these everyday staples are also back!

For a chic look, wear them with a cute crop top and stiletto-heeled boots.

Bomber Jackets

Another winter trend to get behind, bomber jackets are now just as trendy as they are cosy. For men, these jackets look especially hot when worn with a pair of snug, ripped denim jeans. For the ladies, simpler is better – pair with a well-fitted tee, a pair of jeans and black ankle boots.


Most of us still have a few turtlenecks hidden at the back of our wardrobes, and some of us are still brave enough to whip them out when the weather is particularly chilly. The good news is that you can wear them without shame this year! There’s no easier way in which to add a touch of 60s vintage flair to your outfit.

How do you feel about the 60s fashion trends comeback? Let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to share your best 60s-inspired looks on our Facebook page!

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