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6 Productive digs desk decor tips

By Nov 13, 2020 No Comments

digs desk decorWith online learning pretty much the norm during 2020, you’re spending a lot of time at your desk. We’ve got some productivity tips to set your desk up so that it becomes a place where you can actually enjoy getting stuck into your studies!

1. Get organised

Clear your desk of unnecessary clutter, and invest in some storage solutions where you can keep pens, paper and books. A clean and tidy desk is much more inviting than a messy one!

2. Be inspired by wall art

Staring at a blank wall is so uninspiring, so motivate yourself with wall art that makes you happy. Put up some posters and motivational quotes, or hang a corkboard where you can pin lots of inspiring images and photos.

3. Splash out on stationery

With so much coursework being completed online these days, you might be missing the feeling of actually writing stuff down. There’s something very satisfying about writing out your thoughts by hand in a nice notebook. So get some fancy new stationery to motivate yourself

4. Get a comfy chair

If your chair is not comfy, you’ll dread the backache that comes from sitting at your desk for hours at a time. Invest in a nice chair that offers good support, or at least make your existing chair more comfortable with new cushions.

5. Stash some healthy snacks

Do you get snacky when you study? Keep a stash of healthy snacks in one of your desk drawers that you can easily reach for when you’re hungry. Choose nuts, seeds and raisins rather than chocolate to avoid the cycle of sugar high followed by sugar low.

6. Go green with plants

Greenery is something that really makes a space more inviting, especially if you’re spending lots of time indoors. Include a plant or two as part of your desk decor to brighten things up! If you’re not great at looking after plants, opt for fake succulents.

Having a productive desk where you can work in peace and get things done is essential. Ensure your desk is a space that makes you feel happy and motivated – you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your productivity!

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