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6 Affordable Date Ideas that will Impress

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As a student, it’s hard enough affording rent, tuition and food without also worrying about how to have fun on a tight budget. Nowhere is this a bigger concern than when it comes to enjoying dates without breaking the bank. It’s not impossible; it just takes a little bit of imagination. Here are 6 affordable date ideas to get you started.

Take it outside
This could be on campus, in your garden at home or a public park. Just head to your nearest green spot, with a pre-packed picnic and relax into the open space, and each other’s undivided attention.

Try a pub quiz
If you have never tested your mettle in a pub quiz, you are in for a treat. Pub quizzes are about more than getting the answers right. They’re to be shared and enjoyed with great company. With only a small entrance fee, often-hilarious conversation and a few drinks, this combination is a winner when you’re trying to get to know someone.

Host a themed movie night
Who needs to fork out to go to the movies when you can get comfy in the comfort of your own home? Grab some snacks and choose a theme for the night that you would both enjoy, like 90s teen movies, films about dogs or even a Die Hard marathon.

Get into the market scene
Going to weekend markets is not just for families and hipsters. With great produce, fantastic bargains and no obligation to buy, there is plenty to see and sample just by strolling through. The vibe is even better at markets that have free, live music.

Capture the world together
If you’re interested in photography, take a manual or digital camera around town and take turns swapping it back and forth. At the end of the day you’ll see through the eye of your partner, and there may be some surprising results.

Make dinner
There is something very sensual about working with food and whether the end result is gourmet or not, making a meal together will bring you and your date closer over the course of the evening. To make it more exciting, why not each buy a secret bag of ingredients and then come up with a meal with what you have.

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