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5 Weird ways to save water

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Water is life. Scientists argue that our very beings comprise of 50-75% water. It’s the one thing we simply can’t live without. While Jo’burg isn’t in a drought, water is a scarce resource in our country and the world over. We should not wait for water restrictions to be imposed in order to make saving water part of our lifestyle.

Drought or not, we are all familiar with the typical tips about limiting time when taking a shower, not watering plants in the heat of the day (when evaporation is high), filling up the washing machine before running a cycle and so the list goes on.

Keep reading though because we are about to share some more out-of-the-box tips that could help solidify saving water every day. Who knows, your creativity could be sparked and you may even come up with even more downright weird water saving tips.

Don’t squeeze it in

Growing up it was forbidden to pee in the shower and especially in the pool. However, releasing the pinch while taking a shower (make sure there’s no clothing in the shower, or anyone else for that matter) can save about 13 litres of water that would have resulted from flushing your toilet.

Yellow mellow

If you are “doing your thing” behind bathroom doors at home or in your student digz and you realise that it is yellow, feel free to leave it in there to mellow. For the darker solids, wash it down with “grey water” collected from your shower. In this way you can save water by recycling it.


What if you could “take a bath” without dipping in the tub or running a shower? Well you can do just that and save time and water all at once. Created by Ludwick Marishane (who didn’t feel like taking baths), DryBath allows you to clean your body with the lotion and the skin rubbing movements of your hands to delicately remove dead skin cells and unpleasant body odour.

Plant your drinking water

Keep a jug or tub at hand in the kitchen which you can use to pour in any leftover drinking water from mealtimes. Oh, and don’t waste any boiled water that you might have used for washing your veggies or cooking eggs, boiling potatoes, etc. Once you have enough in the jug, use it to water your indoor plants which are just as thirsty as you are!

Shower Queue

Far too much water is wasted in the shower while it’s warming up. Take a shower as soon as your roommate has finished his/hers. In this way the water will still be hot and won’t need to run to waste while you get the temperature right.

Do you have more somewhat gross, but effective water saving tips? Connect with us and drop us an email and/or leave a comment.

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