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5 Steps into a Happy New Year

By Dec 22, 2015 No Comments

As we move towards the end of the year, it’s time to start wrapping things up and then looking forward to next year. You can either leave things to chance, or you can focus on making 2016 even better than 2015:

1) Take inventory

Make a list or draw a mind map of the different aspects of your life e.g. career, family, friendships, relationship, health, finances, etc. Then for each aspect, note down whether you feel positive, neutral or negative about it.

2) Accept where and who you are right now, no matter what that looks like

If you don’t do this very important step, you are wasting all your experiences, choices and lessons learned so far. Remember there are no mistakes – just different roads taken. Now you can think about how you might like to move forward from here.

3) Look at what you feel negative about

With each one you have three options:

  • Leave it as it is, and keep feeling bad about it.
  • Come to peace with it and don’t give it any more negative energy.
  • Put steps in place to change it. One step at a time is all it takes to move forward, so if that one step is all you can see or cope with now, then just do that.

4) Contemplate the aspects you feel neutral about

Check that you truly do feel neutral – that you’re not just pretending everything’s fine. If you discover you are doing this, go back to Step 3 on that aspect. If you really do feel neutral, then leave it be until something changes there.

5) Focus now on the aspects you feel positive about

We often forget to pay attention to these, so take time now to pat yourself on the back and/or express gratitude in whatever way you like. In fact just doing this generates more positive energy. Consider whether there’s any way you can include more of these aspects in your life without unbalancing it. When positive energy is flowing, it tops up our ‘energy bank balance’, which we can then draw from when we need to deal with the more challenging aspects.

Now try to keep that positive energy flowing as you move forward into whatever changes you choose to make to create your own happy New Year!

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