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5 Signs Someone Likes You

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It’s the month of Love and if you’re one of the lucky ones who have a date for Valentine’s Day, good for you! If not, you may be feeling a little sorry for yourself. Don’t despair though – your potential new squeeze could be right in front of you and you haven’t even noticed. The trick is to look for those subtle clues that tell you you’re in with a chance:

They highlight their attributes

There’s no getting away from the fact that a large part of attraction centres on gender differences. So to catch the eye of someone they’re interested in, men tend to stand up straighter, suck in their stomach and puff out their chest to make themselves seem bigger and stronger. Women may play with or flick their hair, lean forward slightly to display their cleavage, cross or uncross their legs or tilt their head to their neck.

They make (and hold) eye contact

Once your eyes meet, they may keep eye contact for a short while before one of you, usually the woman, looks away. If you notice their pupils are dilated, even better. After a few smouldering gazes, especially if they smile or giggle (for women) at the same time, you can be fairly sure you’re in with a chance.

They point their feet at you

Their body may not be face-on to you, but if they’re standing, they’ll point at least one of their feet towards you, usually their dominant one. If they’re sitting, they may point their knees towards you.

They touch you

It could be as simple as a light touch on your arm or back, an “accidental” bump or removing a (possibly imaginary) loose thread from your clothing. If they’re making contact with you, they’re trying to create a sense of intimacy, which is a very good sign.

They’re fixated by lips

Long before someone goes in for a kiss, and sometimes even before they’re consciously thinking about it, they’re subconsciously preparing the way by gazing at your lips and/or moistening their own. They may also touch or bite their lips to draw your attention to them.

With all that on display, it’s hard to miss the signs. Look around you now and notice who’s interested. Then either give them a subtle go-ahead with a smile or make a move yourself. You might just be in luck!

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