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5 Natural remedies you simply need to know

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Students are arguably amongst the most frivolous spenders known to mankind. Ironically, that can mean being a penny pincher on all but a night out with your roomie. However, nothing quite dampens the mood like a little ache here and there when you’re too broke to go to a private GP (general practitioner), or are one of those DIY peeps who first wants to try out a folklore recipe before heading to the doctor’s waiting room.

While we are in no way promoting natural remedies at the expense of your health and/or getting medical advice from a professional healthcare worker, here are some tried and tested, student (and budget friendly) natural remedies former students swear by.

1. Mint up that morning breath, please

Being a student often means interacting with others in the library, cafeteria, lecture rooms, residence lobby and so forth. This however exposes you to lots of different breaths (some of which make you want to cringe). If brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing does nothing for the stale stench in your mouth; chew on mint leaves. It is a pleasant tasting herb you can grow in your kitchen or bedroom.

2. When anxiety kicks in… Meditate

You know all too well how balancing life with unforgiving assignment deadlines, preparing for exams, dealing with “chronic brokenness” and relationships can be downright stressful to say the least. Meditation can calm, help refocus and ease anxiety to a certain extent. Give it a shot before resorting to popping pills. (Ps. Meditation and 30 min daily exercise may help you stop smoking as well).

3. Ice therapy is a must-know for sore muscles

You know how a steamy hot bath or shower can do wonders to ease up sore muscles? If you have over-worked or damaged muscles, simply crush ice, wrap it in a towel and gently place it on the affected area. It promotes muscle recovery and may help prevent further muscle damage.

4. Sweating and potato

It’s summer and mother nature has turned up the heat. It you catch yourself melting profusely and are looking for a natural relief that works, slice a raw potato and rub it in your armpits as a means to tackling excessive sweating.

5. Cut costs and dandruff with baking soda

When washing your hair, just replace the shampoo with baking soda rubbed into your wet hair and scalp (don’t forget to rinse it off). Scientists suggest that this can reduce the overactive fungi that causes that itchy, unsightly dandruff.

There are many more natural remedies for common health related problems out there. What is nice is that for the most part, they are so much more cost effective and can help you get healthier, exclude harmful ingredients and may work just as well.

Just remember that myths and stereotypes are not the same thing. So don’t even bother wasting your time with wishy-washy old wives tales.

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