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5 Fatal Mistakes that Job Seekers Make

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As a student, you have probably tried your utmost to find a convenient way in which to make some extra moolah and, more likely than not, have come to realise that finding a part-time job isn’t as easy as you’d hoped it would be.

Unfortunately, unemployment is a massive problem within our country, posing more than a few challenges that hopeful job seekers need to learn how to overcome. In an effort to help you navigate your job hunt as smoothly as possible, we take a look at the top 5 fatal mistakes that job seekers make… and ideas on how to avoid making them yourself!

They Don’t Understand Their Own Value

All too often, youngsters will try to smooth talk their way into a job or industry that they know zip about, believing themselves capable of anything! While it’s great to ooze confidence there needs to be a semblance of interest or knowledge.

Take a step back – what skills and type of experience do you possess? What personality characteristics make you stand out from the crowd? Before you even think about attending a job interview with a prospective employer, you need to be aware of all this. You need to know how to SELL YOURSELF!

They Don’t Make Use of Their Networks

Why bother to nurture relationships, friendships and networks if you don’t turn to them for guidance and help when you need them. You are going to have a rough time landing a gig if you rely solely on public job listings.

Think about it – who do you know who already works in the industry that you would like to break in to? Perhaps that person might be able to introduce you to a few key people who could help you to get the ball rolling? He or she might even know of a job opening and be able to put a good word in for you. At the very least, he or she will be able to provide you with some valuable advice that you will be able to make use of going forward.

They Don’t Show Any Initiative

Stop looking for already existing job openings and start creating them for yourself instead! Do you spend a lot of time at the internet café? Or perhaps at your local hangout? Approach the manager and ask if they would consider offering you a position. Just be sure to provide them with a few good reasons as to why doing so would benefit them!

They Don’t Pay Enough Attention to Their CVs

Too long, too short and too grubby with careless formatting errors and spelling mistakes will do no one any favours.

Think it through – your CV is a representation of you and needs to be professional and properly laid out. So be sure that everything is perfectly on fleek before sending that baby out!

They Don’t Prepare Properly for Job Interviews

Breezing in after an all-day session at some music festival with a happy go lucky attitude, isn’t going to secure the job.

While you might have succeeded in ‘winging it’ at your last final exam, rest assured that it won’t be that easy at a job interview. Work on calming your nerves, research possible interview questions and, most importantly, don’t forget to familiarise yourself with the company itself!

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