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Sports Scholarships 101

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There are many ways to reach your academic and career aspirations. One route is by going the academic route and bagging a bursary or scholarship in that regard. Yet, we all have different talents which can be used to advance our goals. If you thrive in health and fitness or a particular sport, you can use your innate gift to land student funding in the form of a Sports Scholarship or Bursary.

Where can I find sports scholarships and bursaries?

Universities are most likely the ones who will reward deserving students with sports scholarships. But not all universities. Often just the ones that have sports programmes. Sports scholarships can be for certain pre-selected sports and the number of students who are offered these opportunities are limited. This is because the scholarship may come from corporate donors, alumni, various sponsors, family trusts, or even the university itself.

Which South African universities offer such student funding opportunities?

Let’s get specific. You need to know exactly where to look if you’re looking at sports scholarships to finance your studies. And perhaps even give you a steppingstone into exciting career opportunities. Visit the websites of the following academic institutions (among many others) to check out their specific criteria lists for sports bursaries.

Do you really have what it takes?

Before you apply, you need to be honest, even if only with yourself. Do you have the dedication to sharpen your craft? Do you have what it takes to stay ethical in an industry filled with lures of narcotics and illegal steroids to boost your performance? Do you have the willpower? Can you stick to a strict regimen that in the end, will forge a leader out of you? Are you passionate about physical health and wellness? Are you competitive, yet able to work well in a team and alone? Do you have the will to learn?

Remember that while you will be given time and flexibility to catch up with your studies, your rights and responsibilities include doing well in both your sports and studies. That’s right; for the most part, you must also pass your academic studies in order to maintain your scholarship!

Do you want your gift to bring you before kings?

While you’re at it, do an online search for USA Scholarship Athlete Placement and other international bodies that can help you get a sports scholarship abroad. With the Internet, it is so easy to get access to global opportunities, but you need to make sure that you apply in order to be counted. There is always hope! Your talent can create a place for you and bring you before kings, queens and captains of industries who are often spotted at Olympic games (and other platforms) with leading coaches and athletes.

It is against this backdrop that we can say not everyone will qualify for a sports bursary. Yet, there are those who will make it, even with the odds stacked against them. If you know that this is for you and are willing to let your gift and interests open a whole new world; then a sports bursary may be the route for you to explore.

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