4 College Classes That Go Beyond Your Degree

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college classesYour varsity years provide ample opportunity to thoroughly prepare yourself to enter the working world. You will learn critical skills specific to the industry that you intend to explore. You will have the chance to get a part-time job for a good dose of working experience. And, you will undoubtedly build up a number of close connections with fellow students – connections that could end up playing a notable role in helping you land your dream job one day!

Taking a few classes outside of your area of specialisation is yet another way in which to boost your chances of professional success following graduation. Read on for a few suggestions on college classes every student should sign up for.


In acting class, you will learn all about improvisation and how to think on your feet or when under pressure. You will be taught how to improve your public speaking abilities and how to feel comfortable being the centre of attention. Finally, you will build up your confidence, making it easier for you to interact and network with others – all fantastic skills to aid you in climbing that ladder of success regardless of your chosen career.


Taking a class or two in psychology will enable you to better understand yourself and others. The ability to ‘read’ people in the professional world is key to successful negotiating and building strong, mutually beneficial relationships. Further to this, having a good grasp on your personal strengths and weaknesses can assist you in maximising your personal and professional development before and long after you graduate.


Linguistics is more than just the scientific study of language. It is also the study of how different people communicate. A knowledge of how best to get your point across and how people from different cultures and backgrounds communicate with one another could give you the upper hand when working in a diverse professional environment.


Knowing how to work with money is a major advantage no matter what job you decide to pursue. Not only can finance-savviness boost you professionally, but it can also make it easier for you to manage your personal finances. You will soon be a budgeting master, which will serve you well throughout your student years and for the rest of your life.

So, take action to broaden your horizons and add depth to your CV. You’ll be very glad you did.

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