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LinkedIn and Your Career: Finding a Job

By Sep 26, 2017 No Comments

Are you nearing the end of your degree, and feeling a little stressed about finding a job after you graduate? Never fear – help is at hand!

If you’ve been following our series on LinkedIn you’ll know that it is a fantastic networking tool that you can begin using today to help you increase your chances of finding employment, even if you don’t have much experience. In today’s world, having a great LinkedIn profile is a huge career asset that can definitely help you find a job!

So, to recap on the things you should be doing as a student to find a job using LinkedIn:

Build a strong and complete profile

Make sure that you fill in your LinkedIn profile as fully as you can. Write a concise, catchy and descriptive headline that perfectly reflects where you are in life, for example “Aspiring marketing guru, currently post graduate in media studies”. Fill in all of the info sections and don’t be tempted to be lazy – a full profile is what creates a great first impression.

LinkedIn profiles have sections that are specifically relevant to students such as courses, projects, languages, certifications, and organisations – so fill these in!

Showcase your work and life experience

Even if you were not paid, any experience that is related to your career is vital to include. Internships, holiday work experience, and tutoring for your university should definitely be included. And if you’re now thinking that maybe you haven’t got a lot of great experience, then do something about it. Apply for internships and offer your services for free during vacation time so that you can gain some industry experience.

Don’t be embarrassed to include that you’ve waited tables at a local restaurant to earn extra cash while studying – this sort of thing actually impresses prospective employers as it shows that you have guts and initiative.

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s student tools

Did you know there are specific tools on LinkedIn for students? LinkedIn has created a special student portal where you can get tips for finding a job as well as access to a host of internships and student jobs related to your industry.

Also great to check out is the alumini tool which helps you find connections in your industry, of people who graduated from your university. This is a great way to network, as people often have strong attachment to their university, and love to help recent graduates.

Network network network!

LinkedIn is after all a networking tool, so when you are using LinkedIn for finding your first job, this is not the time to be shy. Search for influencers and recruiters in your career industry. Follow them and learn from them.

Lastly, don’t be scared of contacting people directly for advice or leads – you never know what could happen!

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