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3 Ways to Study

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With exams looming in just a couple of months’ time, it’s a really good idea to get a head start on the information you need to cover for them. Here are some ways you can help yourself to study:

Mind Maps

Mind maps are a great way to visually represent information so it’s easy to understand and to remember, especially if there are links between the information.

Start by writing a central concept in the middle of a piece of paper and draw a shape around it. Now write keywords for the main points around that, on branch lines leading out around the central core. You can then subdivide these points further, adding more branch lines or joining concepts with one another if they link.

Just working out how it all fits together will help you process your work, and the picture you end up with helps you to remember it.


These work in a similar way to mind maps, helping you to process and recall information through the action of creating lists.

Whereas mind maps tend to appeal to more right-brained creative types though, lists work particularly well if you are a logical, left-brained person who prefers straight lines and words to pretty pictures of bubbles and clouds.

Again start with your central concept and use bullet points to list all the main points below your key point, with different bullets for further subdivisions below that.


Some people remember information better through hearing it than through seeing it. If this is you, try recording yourself reading the information you need to remember.

You can mind-map or list it first if you like, or just read it straight out of your notes. Saying the words and hearing your own voice in your ears helps you process and remember it. You can then double-up on the benefits by playing your recording back again at times when you’re doing something else, like exercising, ironing or cooking, which helps you take it in on another level completely.

Everyone has a technique which works best for them, so experiment with a few different ones to figure out the most effective one for you. Then start applying it now, so you can fly through your exams when you get there.

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