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3 Great Ideas for starting a student side hustle business

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Does your bank account begin to look a little skinny round the middle of every month? Money doesn’t grow on trees – but you can make it grow for you with a little side hustle! Starting a business is something that you can definitely accomplish while you’re a student, even if it’s just something small to earn you some pocket money.

Here are 5 simple money making ideas, that ensure that hustling is never a hassle!

1. Make money from what you already do

Studying accounting or science? Advertise on social media and offer tutoring lessons to high school kids. Maybe you’re really good at guitar – well you can offer lessons for beginners. Great with make up? Well there’s another idea! If you’re practically part of the family at your local bar or coffee shop, find out if they have any jobs available. You may as well be earning if you’re a regular customer!

2. Become a digital assistant

What’s that you say? All of the stuff that you as a millennial are intuitively good at – such as using social media, apps and technology – often completely flummox older, established business owners. Or they just don’t have time to sort it out. This makes being a virtual assistant the ideal student business.

Reach out to local businesses and offer to handle simple tasks for them on a monthly basis, such as creating newsletters, managing mailing lists and updating social media. Make sure you craft a killer introductory mailer (using an app like Mailchimp) to show off your skills!

3. Sell on Etsy or Amazon

Fancy yourself a retail entrepreneur mogul in the making? This one may require a little initial investment, but there’s lots of potential for selling online! Maybe there’s a craft that you’re good at – such as making jewellery or bags.  You could even source high quality pre-loved clothing and make some cash selling vintage fashion. An Etsy store is super easy to set up, and seller fees are only paid per item you load into the shop. You could even take your wares offline and sell at a local craft market.

So what are you waiting for – get hustling! Who knows, maybe your student business idea could be the next big thing and turn you into a millionaire one day!

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