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3 Fool-Proof Ways to Wear Faux Leather

By Aug 8, 2019 No Comments

faux leather pantsFaux leather is the hottest trend this winter and one of the most challenging to pull off. Get it wrong, and you’ll look like an 80s reject sporting a massive fashion faux pas. Get it right, and you’ll look smoother than you ever have in your life!

Here are three fool-proof ways in which to wear faux leather pants like the celebs.

Minimalism is Your Friend

Let’s face it – minimalism is always your pal! But especially so when it comes to this fashion fad. Faux leather pants are guaranteed to turn heads all on their own. So, keep the rest of your outfit as muted as possible. Or go with a classic black and white theme. Think plain T-shirt, an understated handbag and a casual pair of All-stars. Throw a checked blazer over everything and don a pair of aviators for a chic, hipster edge.

Get Sporty

You can dress down a pair of faux leather pants or leggings as easy as you can dress them up. Get that casual sport-ready look. Pair them with a slouchy crew neck top or hoodie, squeaky clean white high-top sneakers and a black belt bag. Prevent looking too laid-back, finish your outfit off with oversized hoop earrings.

Let’s Get Loud

Be honest… you didn’t splurge on that pair of faux leather pants to play them down. So, if you want to maximise their potential and get everyone’s attention, don’t be afraid to get loud with your look. A few celebrities have recently done that by using animal print to their advantage. Choose your favourite print (floral works too) and buy yourself a new blouse and a handbag in the same style. Jazz up the vibe even more with strappy sandals with a short heel. Or, since it’s winter, a stylish ankle boot – the chunkier, the better.

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