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21 ways to save money in 2021

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save money in 2021It’s never a bad time to save a little cash! Whether your budget is feeling a little thin, or if you want to have spare money to put aside for a rainy day, these awesome tips will help you save money in 2021!

Save on your lifestyle

1. Save 10% of everything

If you’re struggling to save towards a goal, make a point of saving 10% of every cent you earn. Every single time. Made R1 000 in tips on a really great night? R100 into savings. Mom sends you R200 to tide you over? R20 into savings. Saving a little bit at a time really works!

2. Only take cash when going out

You won’t be tempted to go over your budget for dinner or drinks if you leave your bank card at home.

3. Student discounts

Put your student card to good use and always ask about student discounts!

4. Have a no-spend day

Set aside one day a week as a day when you won’t spend any money, even on little things.

5. Use the library

You can buy the books you want to read, or you can go to the library and borrow for free!

6. Trade in your old gadgets

If you’re getting an upgrade, sell your old phone on Gumtree for extra cash. If you have an Apple device, iStore offers great deals on trade-ins.

7. College gym membership

Use your university gym instead of a fancy contract and save on your fitness bills.

8. Check for typos on online listings

This is a sneaky one! Look for typos like ‘Sansung’ or ‘Aple’ to find deals on Gumtree and Bid or Buy. Typos mean that a listing won’t have many views, making the seller more willing to negotiate on price.

9. Abandon your online shopping basket

Put all the things you want into your trolley, then leave the site. Online stores usually track abandoned carts. You may get an email in a couple of days offering you a discount on your abandoned purchases.

Save money on groceries and bills

10. Check best before dates

‘Best before’ is different to ‘use by’. ‘Use by’ refers to actual safety standards, but ‘best before’ is just a random date determined by the manufacturer. Food eaten after the ‘best before’ date is certainly not off or unhealthy, and usually still tastes good too.

11. Evening food shop

Shop for ready-made meals, fresh produce and baked goods in the evening. Shops often discount these products at the end of the day.

12. Loyalty cards

These are not just for old people! You can save a ton of cash with loyalty cards that offer discounts and cashback. Dischem, Clicks, Checkers, Shell and many other retailers have great loyalty card programmes.

13. Buy in bulk and freeze

You’d be surprised at how many foods you can freeze – milk, wine, bread, cheese… and you save money on groceries when you buy in bulk.

14. Buy house brands

There’s nothing wrong with house brand coffee, margarine or washing powder and it’s MUCH cheaper.

15. Don’t shop when you’re hungry

You’ll just end up spending more money on unhealthy impulse buys.

16. Click and collect to save postage

Courier fees add a whack to your online shopping budget. Opt for click and collect at your nearest brand, and save on these fees.

17. Grow your own herbs and veggies

Herbs are so easy to grow, and you’d be surprised at what veggies you can cultivate even on a small balcony.

18. Go vegetarian twice a week

Really, you don’t need to eat meat every day. Eat a meat-free, budget-friendly meal twice or even 3 times a week and save on your grocery bill.

19. Don’t use aircon at low speed

When driving at low speed, crack open a window instead of using aircon. Aircon uses up a lot of fuel at low speeds. At high speeds, the effect is negligible.

20. Cut open empty toiletries

Squeeze every drop out of your expensive creams and lotions by cutting open the bottles when they are finished. You’ll be shocked at how much extra product you find!

21. A brick in the toilet

And lastly, every time you flush the toilet you waste so much water. Put a brick in the cistern and save water – which saves you money, and is better for the environment.

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