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11 Ways to Look Awesome on a Budget

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If money’s too tight to mention, that’s no reason for your clothes to be too tight, too. Learn how to turn heads without breaking the bank with this handy guide.

  1. Shop at hypermarkets and discount pharmacies for your cosmetics and toiletries.
  2. Rather than blindly following fashion trends, which change all the time, create your own style with a mix of trendy and classic clothes. Only wear items that are flattering. Having confidence in yourself as a unique individual is so much sexier than being a fashion victim.
  3. Shop at second-hand stores for vintage items, and low-priced chain stores for basics (skinny jeans, vests, underwear, white and black shirts and tops that go with everything).
  4. Forget about designer clothes – be realistic. The important thing is whether your clothing is in a colour that suits you and looks good on you. You can find such items really cheaply if you keep an eye out.
  5. Be like your mom – it’s likely that she sewed and altered her own clothes back in the day. It’s fun to experiment, so give it a try!
  6. Choose items that are versatile, like a smart shirt that looks good whether it’s tucked into pants or a skirt or worn open over a vest.
  7. Invest in good-quality, leather shoes, rather than plastic and rubber ones. They’re more comfortable and will last forever.
  8. Shave with shampoo or conditioner instead of shaving cream – it works!
  9. When buying clothes, check that they’re machine-washable. Dry-cleaning is super-expensive.
  10. To women: You only need one handbag. Versatile colours are brown, white or metallic – it doesn’t have to match your shoes.
  11. To women again: You don’t need name-brand blusher, eye shadow, concealer, eyeliner or mascara. The only beauty item worth spending a lot on is your foundation, which lasts for a long time anyway.

Dior and Prada are wonderful – we know – but for now, you may as well embrace those off-brand items. No matter your budget, you can still look like a million bucks!

photo credit: Kaptain Kobold via photopin cc

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