10 Quirky items you really must have for your new Digz

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Quirky has nothing to do with kitsch. Quirky refers to a personal touch, unconventional style and out of the box creativity. Although strange, it is tasteful in an eccentric way. Kitsch on the other hand may refer to art, design and objects that are downright distasteful, ridiculously exaggerated and have poor taste.

While you may want your new Digz to stick out from the boring spaces that often characterise student accommodation, there are certain rules and regulations to stick to. You also don’t want to live in a “junk yard” in the name of art. To help you out, we’ve listed the ultimate quirky must-have items that are functional, budget friendly and super cool.

  1. Simple bedding that tells a story of your travel interests, passions, design elements, dreams…etc.
  2. Dictionary “book safe” to hide your valuables
  3. Underbed storage is a life saver for keeping extra blankets, shoes, journals and love letters
  4. Green study desk centrepieces such as a stone, abstract wooden statue from the flea market or little plant you spotted while hiking/home
  5. Unique DIY photo displays (for example you can tie a string from one end of the room to the other and use washing pegs to hang precious [sepia] photos of your loved ones)
  6. Any pillow for your chair that’s not round or square
  7. Abstract art (think of the body as a landscape or something you create)
  8. Interesting shower curtains
  9. Recycle plastic bags or paper to weave your own foot mat
  10. Out of the box glass water bottles that not just look nice, but can filter water and “encourage” you to drink water

Be quirky but do no harm

Remember that for the most part, you can’t scrape off, paint or drill any holes into your walls. So whatever other quirky items you think of, make sure that you don’t get too carried away.

Sometimes just thinking of a quirky theme like the desert can help to narrow down your colour schemes. This natural earthy element can spark a whole lot of odd, but functional additions. When you are done, your Digz should foster a place of relaxation, rest (sleep), study environment and a happy space to be in.

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