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10 Part-time Jobs Ideal for Students

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As a student, nothing sounds better than earning a bigger chunk of cheese, right? The great news is that by landing a part time job, you will also be racking up valuable work experience that will be certain to give your CV the boost that it needs. Here are 10 part time jobs to consider.


Baby-sitting is easy money – and is a simple job to make work when you have some time off or are back at home for the holidays, especially if you have friends or family with young children!


Spend a lot of time at the local shebeen? Why not make some money out of it? Chat to the manager and prove to him you’ve got game.


Do you have a hands-on hobby or skill that is pretty TD? Make use of it! Whether you paint or sculpt, or do anything else fly enough for people to spend money on, there’s likely to be a notable chunk of change in it for you – especially with Christmas coming up!

Dog Walker

With dog walking, not only will you be sure to make some extra cash, but you will also enjoy the benefits of all of the exercise and fresh air you’ll be getting.


If you dig writing or photography, you can turn it into a gold-mine if you are willing to dedicate some extra time to it and sell your services.

On-Campus Jobs

On many campuses there are often a number of jobs available, (campus tour guide, TA, cafeteria assistant etc.). While many of these positions require volunteers and don’t pay much (if at all), they look great on your CV. Why not try your luck and speak to your lecturers or student council and find out if there is a role suited to your talents, skills and personality type?


There are many different shops around campus, from fashion boutiques to video stores and everything in between. Needless to say, there are sure to be a number of different opportunities available to you if you take the initiative to find them.

Sales Rep

Brands, such as hair care and beauty products, are often scouting for new sales reps. What’s great about these sales jobs is that you get to work your own hours and you make a certain amount of money on every product that you sell. What better way to find possible clients than on campus or at a ragin’ local hangout?


If you excelled in a specific subject at school, you could get a job as a tutor by getting in touch with a tutoring agency close to your digz. Also make use of the tools on the ‘net, such as Gumtree and other job portals like PNet, and be sure to keep your matric results handy.


Waiters can earn a lot of money from tips if they are able to provide excellent standards of service. If you are someone who is well-organised, friendly and down with spending a lot of time on their feet, the food industry could be a sweet choice for you.

Not keen on any of the part time jobs above? Why not be your own boss and start your own business? For tips on how to get it right, be sure to check out the many other awesome articles.

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