10 Most useful apps for students

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There's an app for that

It seems these days there’s an app for anything and everything you can think of. Apps certainly make life easier and more convenient, but with so many thousands available on Google Play and iStore, how on earth do you choose?

We’ve put together a list of our 10 favourite free apps for students – from study aids to time management and even a little entertainment. Some of these have both free and premium versions, but in all cases, the free version offers lots of value. Many will also synch between a desktop and mobile app.

1. Goodreads

Goodreads helps you to organise your favourite ebooks in a community-driven space, where you can receive recommendations to grow your reading list. Useful for both personal and academic reading.

2. Audible

If you enjoy podcasts or prefer listening to books rather than reading, this one’s for you. Audible is great for catching up on popular topics and getting in some extra learning while you’re on the run.

3. Coursera

Coursera is a wonderful free online learning platform featuring various courses from some of the world’s top universities. The courses include videos, notes and quizzes. You won’t receive a course diploma unless you apply for the premium version… but it’s still a super way to gain some additional knowledge relevant to your degree.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly takes the traditional spell checker to the next level by offering suggestions on more appropriate word choices and grammar. It actually helps you learn to write better as it makes context-specific suggestions and recommendations, so it’s excellent if you write a lot of essays and reports.

5. Trello

There are lots of apps that help you organise your life, but Trello is one of the best. This task and time management app lets you create different project boards with to-do lists. You can collaborate with team members, so it’s also good for group work.

6. Canva

Create snazzy looking reports, projects and documents with Canva’s wide selection of free templates. If you want something to look professional and well designed, use Canva.

7. VC Pay

This app allows you to EFT funds into a virtual credit card so that you can make online payments even if you don’t actually have a credit card. VC Pay is handy for any online transaction from ordering takeout to buying books. It’s 100% legit and secure.

8. Uber

If you don’t have Uber yet, where are you even? This affordable taxi service lets you get from A to B quickly and easily. It’s an essential if you’re planning a night on the town, ensuring that everyone gets home safely and no one risks their life by drinking and driving.

9. Headspace

Sometimes you just need to take a mental break. Meditation can help you to think clearly, sleep better and improve your focus. Headspace is a non-pretentious app that helps you learn how to meditate in short, easy to follow sessions.

10. Spotify

Music is life right?! Spotify is the best way to listen to music. The app has just about every song ever recorded available for streaming – from latest releases to golden oldies. You can create playlists of all your favourite tunes or allow the app to suggest songs and artists to you based on your preferences. The free version contains ads, and there’s some limit in how you can shuffle and stream your tunes, but overall it’s an excellent app.

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