Your Academic Performance & How it Affects What University You Attend

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Tests, exams, quizzes, studying – it might all seem in vain when you are a teenager, but once you matriculate and head towards your university years, it all suddenly makes sense. The fact of the matter is that all of those years of slogging away to achieve exceptional academic performance will be the deciding factor as to whether you get to study what you want, where you want. That’s right! Universities in South Africa have minimum requirements that must be met by applicants in order to be considered for participation. Studying while you are in high school could very well be the starting point of the rest of your life and what you achieve.

Whether you are interested in undergraduate certificate study, a diploma, a bachelor’s degree, or medicine, there will be general admission requirements and even some tests that you will need to meet with and undergo in order for a university to consider allowing you to be a part of their study programs. For many students this is a great stress which can be avoided if the correct amount of time and effort is put into having a balanced and academically impressive high school career.

When considering the various universities in your area, find out what the criteria are by contacting the admissions office or the faculty concerned. They will then provide you with the list of detailed requirements.

Some of the top universities in South Africa are considered to be “difficult” to get into. The following are said to be the top 10 on the list according to stats collected in 2013:

  • University of South Africa – Pretoria
  • University of Cape Town – Cape Town
  • StellenboschUniversity – Stellenbosch
  • University of KZN – Durban
  • University of Pretoria – Pretoria
  • University of Witwatersrand – Johannesburg
  • University of Western Cape – Bellville
  • RhodesUniversity – Grahamstown
  • University of Johannesburg – Johannesburg
  • North-WestUniversity – Potchefstroom

In order to know exactly what your academic performance should be like to get into these universities it’s important that you have an idea of the type of courses and qualifications you are interested in and you investigate the requirements well in advance. Planning ahead for your acceptance into university is the only way to ensure that you can follow the career path of your choice and enjoy studying the courses that you have your heart set on.

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