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4 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Focus and Productivity

By May 5, 2017 No Comments

Exam season seems to be creeping up on us (as it does every year) but somehow it appears to be happening faster than expected this year. If you’re stressing about getting through all of that revision and obtaining the marks that you feel you deserve, it might be time to take some action and join a yoga class!

Yoga is a wonderful discipline that can bring peace to both your body and your mind, leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to hit those books! Here are 4 ways yoga can help to improve your focus and productivity.

It Boosts Your Energy Naturally

Stop overdosing on coffee. Not only is it bad for your health when consumed in large doses, but it can also lead to energy crashes that could have a negative impact on your already tight schedule. Turn to yoga for a natural energy boost instead. While you will certainly feel relaxed after a yoga class, you will be sure to feel a lot more energised as the day goes on. This is likely due to enhanced blood circulation and a much more positive mindset.

It Will Soothe That Back Pain

Slouching over a desk or a laptop for hours upon hours every day is going to take its toll on your muscles, leaving you with aches and pains that can make it difficult to concentrate. Yoga will help to soothe and rid your body of these sore spots.

Practiced regularly it will also help to improve your posture, making it less likely for you to experience these aches and pains again in the future.

It Combats Stress

When you practice yoga, you get to spend some quiet time inside yourself, away from the demands and distractions of everyday life. It helps to give you back your perspective and teaches you coping techniques that you can use to calm yourself during times of stress. Once you are familiar with a few of the poses and the flow you can take a break from your studies whenever you feel the stress build up. The beauty of yoga is that it can be done anywhere and you need only your mind and a mat!

It Provides You with Helpful Tools

Living with a loud, inconsiderate roommate? Trying to study on a Saturday night with music blaring all over town? Yoga teaches you how to block these distractions out, therefore improving your focus and helping you get more done than you had ever thought possible!

Keen to join a class? Follow this link for the top 10 yoga studios in and around Braamfontein.

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