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Suns Out, Guns Out: Cheap Ways to Get Fit

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Suns out, guns out, e’rrybody! Spring is officially here, and so are those vest tops, which means that it’s time to get fit and get that body back into shape.

Seeing as though a good number of us are trying to survive on a strict budget, the price tag that comes with most gym memberships means that joining a gym isn’t exactly a realistic option to consider. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a cent on fitness if you aren’t afraid to get outdoors and be a little bit creative! Here are our recommendations for the cheapest ways to get fit in Joburg.

Put on Those Running Shoes

Take a jog down the most famous streets of Braamies whenever you get a chance. Not only will you be able to scope out a few cool joints for your next meal or jol, but you will also likely bump into a few other students trying to get fit just like yourself. Why not stop for a quick chat and consider starting your own running club or join the Park Run every Saturday? Working out with others is the easiest way to stay motivated, after all!

Play Sport on Campus

There are sure to be a variety of different sports clubs that you can join on campus, even if you don’t have any previous experience. The best news is that participating in these clubs is usually free of charge. All that it costs from your side is a bit of enthusiasm, perseverance and the willingness to learn!

Use What You’ve Got

Turn your personal space into a home gym. Simple things such as your desk chair, edge of the bath, the floor and a towel or two for stretching are all close at hand. With a little bit of creativity you can develop a full workout. Chair dips, leg raises, star jumps and light weights (use a few tins from the store cupboard) combined with a short run around the digz will all build muscle strength and cardio fitness.

Head to Acrobranch

If you have a few extra bucks to spare and you’re looking to enjoy a fitness-oriented adventure and a taste of something different, Acrobranch Melrose definitely won’t disappoint. The venue boasts a variety of challenging obstacle courses, zip-lining and acro-bungee opportunities for kids and adults alike. Even if you’re a little broke, you can still go zip-lining for just R80!

If you know of another exciting, cheap way in which to get fit, as well as any affordable workout classes in the Braamies area, please be sure to share your tips with us on our Facebook page. Happy springtime, everybody! Here’s to a healthy start.

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