Student Hotspots: 27 Boxes Night Market

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Just because the winter chill has set in doesn’t mean that we all have to stay huddled up indoors after classes! Why not treat yourself to an evening out every Wednesday at the 27 Boxes Night Market in Melville?

While Jozi definitely isn’t a stranger to night markets, this one is different. Aside from the fact that it is chockfull of plenty of rare finds and little treasures, the location of the market is truly something to behold. Here’s everything you need to know.

Fashion, food, crafts and design all in a box (or two)

27 Boxes was built on a derelict park entirely out of shipping containers, making it the ultimate selfie destination and an interesting place to explore. No wonder it is so incredibly trendy right now!

The market is packed to the rafters with start-up entrepreneurs and their wares, so you can rest assured that there’ll be something new and unique every time you pop in for a visit.

Hey – if you’re also a budding entrepreneur looking to make a start and sell your craft, why not see if you can’t get yourself a stall or a pop-up store of your very own? If you visit the 27 Boxes website, you will find all the info on who to contact, as well as an online enquiry form. Who knows? You might just get lucky!

It’s all after-hours!

The market is open from 17:00 in the afternoon until 21:00 in the evening, so even if you have a late class or tutorial scheduled, you’ll still be able to make it on time. Stomach growling? No worries! Aside from fashion and craft stalls, there are also plenty of food stalls scattered around.

There are food offerings that are a feast for the senses from all over the globe (you simply have to try the spicy marinated grilled tilapia and jollof rice from the Zambian-Congolese Kitoko Kitchen!).

If, on the other hand, a creative craft beer is what you’re craving, why not stop by one of 27 Boxes’ restaurants once you’ve finished your browsing session? The Countess is currently a firm student favourite!

It’s time to spend some time in a box and head out to the 27 Boxes Night Market, where creativity, innovation and the community all come together to be inspired.

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