Student Achievements and Pass Rates

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Every parent is worried about how their child will do at university. There is an unfortunate negative stigma attached to student life that involves parties, socialising and a complete disinterest in studying – and this is not necessarily the case! Many students are at university to learn, and with the right environment and guidance, this is exactly what they will do.

For many parents the fear stems from the new found freedom that their child will experience and often they feel that this will result in a lack of concentration on studies and involvement in academic and sporting activities and events. Ensuring that your child is going to focus on their studies and obtain academic achievements and good pass rates is not always easy, but at Student Digz we can help.

Our student accommodation is designed to offer a private, self contained and homely environment where students can focus on their studies. We do not offer dormitory type accommodation. Each student flat has its own living area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom which provides for an increased feeling of privacy and independence which is conducive to a good studying environment. While the environment is social it is also safe and we have various house rules and regulations in place that will ensure your child is studying during certain hours and has access to a variety of academic and sports events, activities and programmes.

At Student Digz we believe in ensuring that students are encouraged to have a balanced and dedicated approach to their university career. We instill a mature attitude in students and while they are exposed to a diverse environment we ensure that it is safe, secure and that your child will feel completely at home. A sense of freedom along with responsibility is something that you can expect your child to experience while staying with us.

Students who are struggling with studies or need some guidance will be provided with access to social workers, and career counsellors who can help them along the way. We are not simply landlords at Student Digz – we have created a family atmosphere where students can spend time becoming who they are meant to be.

It is a proven fact that a relaxed and happy student is one that achieves better pass rates and academic achievements. At Student Digz we focus on providing a secure home where only authorised individuals are allowed access. We have developed positive relationships with the surrounding universities which means that support structures, sports and academics that are on offer are all integrated into the student community that we have created at Student Digz.

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