Snapchat Spectacles – what’s hotting this summer?

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The future is now – with incredible technology that lets you record Snapchat stories through a snazzy pair of glasses. Sounds too good to be true? Well it almost is, because Snapchat Spectacles aren’t available in South Africa yet. Plus, they come with a hefty price tag of $129 – which is almost 2 grand in Rands.

Still, they’re cool. Really cool. If you’re a tech junkie who also happens to be obsessed with Snapchat, now’s a good time to start saving your pennies so that you can grab a pair of Spectacles when they launch in South Africa.

When might that be, you ask?

Who knows! In one of the strangest product launches of all time, Snapchat have been extremely secretive about the availability of Spectacles. The video recording glasses were first announced in a blog post last year, and a few Snapbots popped up here and there in United States cities.

A Snapbot is a vending machine that sells Spectacles – they’re kinda cute (if cute is your thing) and look a bit like Minions. You can check one out here. Just like the temporary video clip stories that made Snapchat famous and so popular, Snapbots tend to disappear or change location from time to time.

All of this low key marketing has created a huge amount of hype around Spectacles and people are clamouring to get themselves a pair. Currently they are available only in the USA, either at a Snapbot or through the recently launched online store.

Why do we love them?

While the Spectacles intrigue us, what really grabs our attention is that the online marketing campaign surrounding this launch is completely driven by social media. The hype created by the temporary clips has put the focus on sharing – which is really the point of snapchat, taking us back to our point and one worth considering as an entrepreneur – ‘sharing is caring’, it’s also a powerful marketing tool!

Why are Spectacles so awesome?

  • They’re quirky and fun, so much fun! Recording videos through your sunglasses is just super cool.
  • The glasses include WiFi connectivity, and if you’re online videos will upload to Snapchat immediately after you’ve recorded them.
  • Your videos will feel more joyful and natural because you can’t view your clips before uploading, so you spend less time worrying about getting the perfect shot.
  • They come with a magnetic charging case, so you can charge them up just by putting them in the case for half an hour.
  • Videos recorded using Snapchat Spectacles can be uploaded to other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • You can keep both hands free (instead of trying to record a moment while clutching your cell phone) so your videos are truly from your point of view.

If you’re really keen to get hold of some Spectacles, keep an eye on the Spectacles website to see if any info is announced about a South African launch. Or keep your ears open for anyone visiting the States anytime soon, and ask if they can bring you back a pair!

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