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SA Ranked as One of the World’s Top Entrepreneurial Nations

By April 7, 2017 No Comments

Despite the political uproar and resulting uncertainty brought about by president Zuma over the past few weeks, we have an inspiring story for you that will help to renew your pride in our wonderful country.

According to Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of South Africa: A Strategy for Global Leadership Report, South Africa is considered to be one of the world’s top, and most improved, entrepreneurial nations!

The report states that SA currently ranks at number 55 out of 137 countries, which is impressive considering that we are up against countless other nations with a much higher per capita GDP.

Within sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa ranks second, just behind Botswana, and on-par with a number of middle-income countries.

The report also highlights a few of our country’s strengths, including that of entrepreneurial aspiration and ambition, the introduction of new products into the market, as well as the use of new technology in order to reach business goals.

Areas for improvement

South Africa’s biggest weakness is that of a lack of start-up skills and poor education. As a student, you should feel proud and privileged to be able to improve on your skills and knowledge, and to be able to do your best to contribute to our local economy.

Have you ever considered becoming a mentor to another aspiring entrepreneur, maybe from your hometown or village, who might not have had access to the wonderful opportunities you have been given? Or to a younger teen entrepreneur who looks up to your successes and achievements? Have you put your all into turning your own entrepreneurial visions, ideas and ambitions into reality?

Working together, we can transform our country and communities for the better!

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