Hair’s something to get excited about

By May 3, 2017 No Comments

This one’s for all the stylish ladies. Hot Candy Sorbet Yaki hair braids to die for. Best of all, they’re up for grabs by entering the Darling Hot Candy Sorbet Yaki giveaway.

Darling One-million braid is now available in a medley of soft, fluffy and delicious sorbet colours with a total of 9 hues – 5 sombres including #1/purple, #1/pink, #1/aqua, #1/lilac and #1/white and 4 solids including purple, pink, aqua and lilac.

6 things make these braids so downright special:

  1. They are specialised braids made with fibre that can be hot-water curled into any curl pattern from kinky to loose and anything in between.
  2. Once curled they can be re-curled up to 4 times without being damaged.
  3. They have a good curl retention that lasts up to six months.
  4. The fibre is soft, light and feels natural.
  5. The fibre also has good volume yet is light on the head.
  6. They are easy to comb with a wide tooth comb.

If you have an original style, you will love these braids as you can have fun wearing them the way you like them. They are yours to play with. It’s up to you to pick your slaying look.

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