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Entrepreneurs – Unburdened by an accumulation of knowledge

By October 20, 2017 No Comments

How do you compete with corporate heavyweights with decades of relevant working experience backed up by CV credentials that can put any Brainiac to shame? Seriously, how the heck do you compete for a promotion with smarty pants colleagues who’ve been at it before you even matriculated? The answer to this is: you don’t.

As an inexperienced student or young graduate, you should not even attempt trying to beat such colleagues at their own game. This is not because you’re chicken, but simply because your inexperience may be your best asset that you need to springboard to the top. Here’s why being unburdened by an accumulation of knowledge may be to your advantage.

“Rookie smarts”

Young graduates are constantly outshining seasoned colleagues in the work place simply because of their inexperience that causes them to try, dare and invent what experienced folks would never dare. The corporate term for this is “Rookie smarts”.

Not boggled down with “groupthink”

Once you start hanging around a bunch of people for a while, you may all start to think alike. This is referred to as “groupthink”. As an industry fresher, you may be able to identify a niche or opportunity that many who’ve been around too long fail to see because of their mindset.

Maximise the advantage of relevance

There are many stagnant industries that have not had much change simply because “they are running as they should be”. Blindspots prevent veterans from modernising it and thereby disrupting the “order”. As a rookie, you have the advantage of interacting with social media, networking online to push your career, knowing the latest trends and tapping onto a digital era to make things more relevant. Take Uber for example; they breathed new life into the normal taxi industry and made it come alive at our fingertips.


Whatever you do, try to never lose that youthful adventurous edge. It sets you apart from your colleagues and peers. Stay true to yourself and never stop asking and trying to solve questions. As intimidating as it may be, don’t be afraid to add your input to a staff meeting. At times even if you don’t have the solution as yet, just raising a question or highlighting a previously overlooked point of view can be all that it takes to set the wheels into motion.

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