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Early Bird or Night Owl?

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We all have a time of the day when we’re at our best, when we feel energised and focussed. For some it’s first thing in the morning, for others it’s late at night and for many it’s somewhere in between. If you know what your ideal time is, you can take advantage of it to get your best work done.

Early Bird
You’ll know you’re an early bird if you jump out of bed feeling energised and ready to tackle your day. Early risers are often conscientious and proactive, and they tend to do well in leadership roles.
Your strategy:

  • Make sure you get to bed at a reasonable time so you get enough sleep.
  • Get up extra early to take advantage of those morning hours.
  • Plan to do the bulk of your work first thing in the morning.
  • Use the evenings to wind down or socialise rather than to work.

Night Owl
If you’re a grump in the morning but come alive in the evening, you’re probably a night owl. Evening people are often clever and creative, and brilliant at coming up with new ideas.
Your strategy:

  • Prepare whatever you can for the next day the night before so you can wake up later.
  • Leave enough time in the morning to allow you to start slowly.
  • When you wake up, have a routine you can follow which doesn’t require you to think.
  • Do mundane tasks during the day so they’re out the way and you can get stuck into the real work in the evening.

If you fall somewhere in between these two, experiment to find out when your most productive time is: late morning, around mid-day, or early afternoon? Plan your most demanding work for that time if you can, or the nearest you can get to it, obviously taking into account other commitments, like attending classes.

Regardless of where you fit in, bear in mind that for all of us, we get our best sleep between 11pm and 7am, so try to make sure that most of your sleep time overlaps with that timeframe. Working around that, establish a routine that works for you and you’ll find your productivity skyrockets!
Early bird or night owl

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