Group of happy students

Student Digz is an accommodation provider which is managed by IHS Property Management. We currently own several buildings in the Braamfontein area, offering premium student accommodation with easy access to two major South African universities, Wits University and The University of Johannesburg (UJ).

Our goal is to provide safe, competitively-priced accommodation to students in central Johannesburg, while maintaining a diverse, vibrant, and study-friendly environment in every building we manage. We aim to achieve this by focusing on our residents at all times and striving to meet their needs.

International Housing Solutions (IHS), a global private equity investor in affordable housing in South Africa, believes that a healthy, attractive environment facilitates the positive development and growth of individuals and communities.

IHS has funded the building of thousands upon thousands of homes for workers across South Africa, and continues to make major investments into the creation of quality rooms and apartments for students, in recognition of the fact that our future leaders are building their careers at universities across the country right now.

IHS recognises that although students may elect to live in private accommodation, it is essential that such accommodation remains part of an environment and community which is conducive to the development of the individual and supportive of the challenges of achieving a higher education qualification. Privacy and living standards should not take a backseat just because that has often been accepted as the norm for student accommodation, the company believes.

Studentdigz differs from other student developments in that it is not based on the dormitory-style model, explains Rob Wesselo, Managing Partner at IHS. All apartments are self-contained, which means that students have their own bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces, and most importantly, privacy and quiet to ensure successful studies, he says.

IHS has been steadily building up a portfolio of new-generation student housing solutions in the country’s major urban centres. Contrary to the popular view that student housing is an unpleasant mix between boarding school and down-market apartments, IHS has brought a new vision to the market. The result has been modern, clean and inviting apartments where students won’t only live, but be able to enjoy a satisfying lifestyle.

Securing one of the sought-after Studentdigz apartments means you’ll have the benefits of living privately without missing out on the student experience, because Studentdigz…

  • Is accredited by both the Universities of Johannesburg and Wits
  • Has an elected Student Representative Council which looks after the interests of the student tenants
  • Has its own sponsored soccer team, the Amadigzdigz
  • Boasts great security, with new secure entrances with biometric access at all buildings
  • Has an aesthetically sleek, functioning canteen and convenience store at the Precinct
  • Has communal chill areas

Spaces are extremely limited, and interested students are encouraged to call 011 339 1011 or get in touch with us asap for further information. There are 2184 accommodation opportunities available, with rentals starting at R 2300.